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Negus brewing Co. is located in Northern Virginia area serving the entire DMV area and beyond. The term “Negus” means King/Leader in Ethiopian language but the term have long been adapted among many groups as a means to empower each other as we are all royalties and our brews are fitting to the namesake. Negus Brewing Co. strives to brew craft beer with unique ingredients that represents Africa’s culture and heritage.  Africa has a long history of craft brewing as almost every household has their own secret recipe of fermented homemade beverages that bring out the nuances of each tribe and culture. One of the most popular such beverage in Ethiopia is called Tella, aka Farso or  suwa depending on the region and the dialect spoken locally. Tella is a traditional beer made of barley, which sometimes substitutes Teff or sorghum along with some spices along with buckthorn, known as Gesho natively, in a manner similar to hops. The other popular homemade beverage is Tej or honey wine/mead, one of the oldest alcoholic beverages in the world, dating back more than 3000 years from the time of  the Queen of Sheba of Abyssinia. Legend has it, the Queen took Honey Tej along with other precious gifts as a tribute to King Solomon when she visited him at the height of his reign. 


Our 'Addis Teff Amber Ale' is our rendition of the famous Tella beer made with a unique ingredient, Teff. It is brewed using the same recipe that was passed down, but  slightly adapting it to the current modern brewery setups. Our 'Mama's Honey Tej' is a fermented Ethiopian/Eritrean beverage made with Raw Honey and wild yeast, balanced with addition of Gesho(Rhamnus prinoides). Perfect for pairing with food or as a stand alone. We also offer our ‘Premium Craft Lager’ as our everyday easy drinking option; its very smooth, balanced and enjoyable year-round.


Our products are currently available in a lot of retailers such as Total Wine, Yes organic, street market etc in the DC, MD and VA area; if your favorite retailer don’t carry it, please request it. We hope you will join us experience our wonderful brews one bottle at a time.

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